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Welcome to EVEmu

Post by eve-moo on Tue May 03, 2016 5:45 pm

Welcome to EVEmu.
These forums are intended to help people interested in working on the server.  This project is for fun and experimentation and not commercial use.  I do not condone or support the running of any public servers and will not allow publicizing of public servers on this forum.  The goal of this project is to learn programming and project teamwork while having fun with something we all love.  And also to create a platform where we can experiment with in game elements that would otherwise not be available even on the test servers.

The source code is available on github https://github.com/eve-moo/evemu_server.

For those that wish to contribute here are a few guidelines, don't worry we are not anal about following these but some king of order needs to be kept.

Code formatting.  Should follow the ANSI standard with 4 space indents.  Use spaces not tabs.
Many major editors have the common standards as presets.
In netbeans you can set the standard by going to "Project Properties"->Formatting.  Or Tools->Options->Editor->Formatting.
For Visual Studio (You have to set everything manually)  The default rules are probably acceptable just make sure:
1) Open braces on new lines.
2) else and else if on new lines.
3) Indent is 4 spaces and insert spaces not tabs.

The codding style has been varied over the previous contributers but I'm trying to fix that.  They should should be as follows.
Class, structure, and typedef names should be in upper camel case. (i.e. SomeClass)
Function and variable names should be in lower camel case.  (i.e. someFunction)
Defines should be in all upper case with underlines separating words.  (i.e. SOME_DEFINE)
Class member variables should be in lower camel case with a 'm_' appended to the beginning.  (i.e. m_someValue)
ALL destructor's will be declared virtual.

All code blocks must be in braces, even single line blocks

// Wrong.

// Right!

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